Happy TLT Third Anniversary / by Dave Hileman

Two Lane Touring completed three years of posts. In those three years we have shared about 1400 photos in over 1100 posts. We have added 125 National Park Galleries. Since the start of our quest to photograph all 417 units of the National Park Service we have added more than 80 new parks and are now stand at 193 visited. We added a "camping" section this year and will add to that as we travel. The restaurant "review-ish" section called "Eats!" is posted once per week, usually on Thursday. We have lots of unique restaurants but not very many of them photographed, just did not think about that early into the trips. We added a search feature and are working to make posts more easily searched by kind, location etc. 

Visits are up a lot this year so far with more than 800 different people from 39 states and 19 other countries viewing almost 5000 pages. Wow. Thanks.

We have a trip this fall that will add another 12 new parks. Our goal is the halfway point by the new year. Several things also planned on the site for late fall or early winter, so thanks for viewing!

PHoto: Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Dave and Cindy