Another Station / by Dave Hileman

I posted the station at Point of Rocks recently, (see below) today another station not still used for its original purpose. Built in 1930 by Souther Railway on the original Danville and Atlantic line it once had 6 or 7 trains a day carrying mined copper from the area. In the late 1800's after WWI Virgilina, VA, was a mining boom town. And kind of wild west lawless too. This station now houses Corvairs. In fact I counted 9 of them plus these two rare Corvair Greenbriars. You can see a red 65 in the freight bay being worked on if you look carefully just over the top of the Greenbrier. Not sure how much longer this will stand, there is no maintenance being done and it has deteriorated quite a lot since I first saw it about 15 years ago.