Myra / by Dave Hileman

I am on a bit of an adventure with Myra. She is a Personal Trainer at North Raleigh Fitness. I am amazed that I am here. The first time I have been in a gym since 10th grade was last November. I wondered if my old and increasingly decrepit self could improve with strength training. After all, we still have more than 200 parks to visit and hike in. She said of course and I have been going about twice a week now for eight months. My strength has increased by a factor of four and I am amazed. She works on balance and flexibility as well. I have learned how to lift without hurting my back, I do exercises I never expected to do (she has something new every time!) - and she is encouraging, optimistic and ...relentless. Most exciting, Cindy has joined me so now we can compare what hurts the most for the days between sessions. Seriously, this has had significant benefits and, if you are thinking. "maybe," talk to Myra - she is excellent at what she does. Or if you don't live here, find a good PT and start.