Startling Terror / by Dave Hileman

So, this outlandish scene is at the Animal Kingdom in the Avatar area. An apparent planet recreated from a film that I never heard of before ( I must have been the only one. Anyway, they have a ride that is sometimes compared to Soaring. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT. Soaring is a gentle float on a lazy river, Avatar is turbo jet skis off a 200 foot waterfall. First you must know that the people you are seeing high up on the bridge - look carefully - may look a bit hungry because they are in the middle of a nearly four-hour wait to board the ride. Stamina. CJH and I had a fast pass secured for us because of the extra effort Janet put forth. (Rusty MAY have helped) So, the ride. It was intense, insane and scary and you never leave the ground. You ride on this creature, motorcycle fashion, and off you go on a screen adventure your mind insists is not real and your body is screaming that death is near. Or at least you hope so. "You'll like it, its like Soaring." Lies. Can't wait to try it again.