Welcome to Big Animal Week / by Dave Hileman

All these images were captured at a zoo, but a special zoo that does not feel like a zoo, Animal Kingdom at Disney. Most of the photos were taken on the Safari ride first thing in the morning. I love that you get to ride through the reserve and see animals in a more natural manner, no bars or concrete moats. It is not easy to photograph because the vehicle is always moving and it is a very bumpy ride. But now they have done away with the "we have to catch poachers" story and just let you focus on the animals. So, the ride actually stopped four or five times, usually for 3 or 5 seconds but still it stopped. So, this trip I managed slightly better images, still handheld and still often moving but better. Photos this week all come from that first morning - I have more that I will save for a bit later.

Might as well start really big!