Its a Stretch but... / by Dave Hileman

Sometimes in traveling you have limited time to post (find a good signal, etc) and limited options from the photos because Minion #31 (Recall his recent demotion see last Wednesday) forgot to bring the photo hard drive. He is now Ex-minion. Job opening will be posted soon. 

So, the stretch, this is Valentines Day and my post is the uncommon Reddish Egret seen at Canaveral National Seashore in Florida. Note the color corresponds to the traditional colors of the celebration. Also note that my wife who does not mind seeing birds - as long as they are not too close - spent a day with me watching and photographing birds at CNS. Love is patient says Paul.

Remember the old "Love is ..." series. And love is being with the one you want to spend time with - even if it is watching birds --- or shopping for shoes. 

Happy Valentines Day.