Sun sets on 2018 (James River along the Colonial Parkway) / by Dave Hileman

I don't really get the exuberance of a New Year Eve celebration. Seems a bit arbitrary to me. Yet it is good to occasionally look back and take stock of life, feel gratitude for what God has seen you through - challenges and joys. Is that what the raucous crowds are engaged in - I kind of doubt it. Anyway, for those who find this day one of great fun, happy new year, to those who are more reflective, God’s peace and to those who do neither, go take some photographs, take a hike, go to a movie, play a game with your kids or sleep in. Enjoy.

And to my Grandson, Kellen, happy sixteenth birthday to an amazing, kind, disciplined, hard-working, clever young man of whom I am justifiably proud.