Boston Harbor Islands / by Dave Hileman

Multiple islands make up the Boston Harbor Islands NRA. Some are wholly under the auspices of NPS some are partnerships, some are easily accessible some are a challenge and some access is not permitted. We were able to visit two (Worlds End and Georges Island) and had great views of several more. We reached Georges Island by ferry from Hingham about 1/2 hour before anyone else was on the island. Neat to walk around by ourselves. Almost the entire island is covered with Fort Warren. The 1840’s era fort is in very good condition and we had a great ranger tour. Unfortunately for me I got a migraine part way on the tour and visited the infirmary for about an hour. Thanks to the rangers who assisted me! CJH finished the tour and before we left for Boston I was able to walk a bit more of the fort. This photo is after the guard house but before you enter the main gate of the fort. Another new park for us on the trip, number 6.