New Bedford Historic District (2 photos) / by Dave Hileman

Sometimes it is hard to get a decent photograph - at least for me, clearly when conditions are very poor. Most of the time we were at the New Bedford NPS unit it was raining and usually hard. For example, I grabbed the shot of the Mariners’ Home just to look at exposure etc and it just opened up. I never got back to take a decent photo of it or my primary target the Seaman’s Bethel just to the left of the home. NBHD is a mix of cobble streets, historic buildings, shops both old and new, a few restaurants and a large harbor. The centerpiece is the New Bedford Whaling Museum, a private fee based museum in the district. We also visited a nearby home that is a part of the NP area partnership, photos later. This was not a new park for us but when we were here last it was not a NPS unit and we had no photos.