Harriet Tubman NHP / by Dave Hileman

What an amazing woman and a fitting place to spend some time appreciating her life. This was her final home but the house in the photo was not where she lived. It was a home she designed as the “Tubman Home for Aged and Indigent Negroes,” primarily women who had no place to live out their years anywhere else in the country. Funding was a serious issue so she deeded the house to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church she attended to complete her vision. All of this happened AFTER her 74th birthday. What a testimony and what perseverance. She and her husband rebuilt their home after it burned by themselves when she was in her 80’s making the bricks by hand. The new park is not near finished but worth the visit. They are rebuilding a VC in the manse and the church about a mile from this location. Both early in the project. Her home’s exterior is almost done and they are started on the interior. We visited the grave and the outsides of the church, home and the grounds. Excellent tour by a committed ranger, K. Szewczyk, who went out of her way to allow us to see the home even though we were late for the last tour. Inspirational story - inspirational place. A new park for us, number 13 on this trip.