Travel Diary 22 / by Dave Hileman

It was raining, again, hard, again. Our plan for the day was to start at the George Eastman Museum to tour his house and photography museum. We drove to Rochester about an hour each way. No issues getting downtown, in fact we were early so we stopped at a brand new Wegman’s and got coffee and worked for about 30 minutes. The house was quite amazing. Striking difference in this and the Rockefeller home. Both were impressive visually but Eastman’s was also a place to live, entertain and filled with things he loved. Two pipe organs - played at breakfast for him, billiards, photos, trophies - just full of his personality. The museum of photography is impressive and a treasure drove of images and materials for researchers and students. There were four exhibit halls the larger taken over for a photographer whose style simply did not appeal to me at all. That was a slight disappointment as it was the majority of photos. Nice historic cameras and photos filled another hall and prints from two other photographers in the last two were interesting. Then we returned to camp and on to an emerging park that will be number 418 on the master list. The ranger said it already is officially a park and it had a stamp. Anyway, we went to Auburn, NY and the home of Harriet Tubman. This is a story everyone should know, glad it is being made into a park. Her home in her later years, her house that she made a home for elderly blacks and her church and grave site are all here and we were fortunate to see them all. The ranger was exceptionally knowledgeable and enthused. We appreciated her. We went to dinner at a super nice place, the Elderberry Pond. Wow. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

The guides went off to yet another likely moldy old house, are these things endless? So I stayed here to work on my new crucial work of Moose Rights. I had a productive morning working on strategies when they returned to have lunch. As I had worked so hard I ate and went with them to a site. How fortunate that was. The park was about someone named Harriet and she was a slave. I thought women had a difficult time, these folks were in worse shape. Rights? Some did not even think they were people. My injustice antenna was quivering and the synopses were firing. I needed to get back to work. Moose Rights is on the front burner. Even though I need to get my money, this has to be a priority. I wonder how many scores of replies I had to my many emails from the morning? Tons I guess. Who could not care about the moose plight? 

First, I need to find a good coffee shop, a double shot, mocha, whole milk, extra hot, no whip, touch of nutmeg, shot of butterscotch extra large latte is a simple need for someone who is taxing their brain at this level. We crusaders can't just fuel on grievances. 

Oh, I know I can get whats-his-name to stuff envelopes. That’ll work. 

I still don’t know how they missed New York. 

This would make a nice salad.

This would make a nice salad.