Travel Diary 19 / by Dave Hileman

One more attempt at a sunrise photo was again met with super, deep grey skies and not much light seeping through. So we headed back to the trailer, hooked up the truck and headed off island. We did stop in Bar Harbor for blueberry coffee to go. Good choice. Out intended trip was to northern NH but unrelenting rain and the forecast for more of the same the next day forced us to make an adjustment. The change meant we would miss Polly’s Pancakes. So sad. We stayed the night at KOA near Woodstock, VT. Not the famous Woodstock but a very fancy little town. It is located just off I-89 and I-93. The Quechee Gorge is also there and it is the attraction that draws people. I was tired from the drive, it was difficult over the mountains in heavy fog and rain. The owner of the KOA noted that I was dealing with a migraine - that also delayed us a bit somewhere in NH while I waited for my sight to return. Anyway she sent over a sample of peppermint oil that she said would relieve the pain. Not sure if it worked but I appreciated the thoughts and the effort to help. Our change of plan puts us into NY in the early afternoon tomorrow. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

So announcement briefing this morning was not so good. First, Cindy, the good guide, got a lifetime Acadia Achievement Award. Wait a minute what did she do to get that? I did everything she did, backwards and in hoofs. What was my award, nada. Next, I am told pack up we are leaving. I am glad, sort of, and sad, sort of but I would like more notice. I am not a last minute kind of moose, in fact, careful preparation is one of my most outstanding qualities.They said something about me not being around for two days. Right, make it about me. I am a bit miffed. 

Then I find out we are going to NH and VT today and New York the next three days. OK, now I am un-miffed. NH and VT are great Moose States and I will surely see some friends or perhaps meet an eligible new girl friend -apparently I need that as well. But the big news is New York. Yay! Broadway, Times Square, great Italian food, great Irish food, great Greek food, just great food. Decent coffee bars and super pastry shops on every corner. It is a dream - I am just the guy to take a bite out of the Big Apple. The other benefit is my lawyer’s firm is there, I can certainly pick up my checks. I may need them to finance all the meals and plays I envision. So, the guides are actually pretty good for people. They even said we can stop in town and pick up my photos. 

I would still like an award.

It may just be nostalgia but I still like a good lichen.

It may just be nostalgia but I still like a good lichen.