Weir Farm / by Dave Hileman

There is no photo that will do justice to the atmosphere or the experience of walking the trails, fields and woodlands, of this lovely Connecticut farm. The house dates from the late 1700’s and the tall red building to the left, Weir’s studio, is from the late 1800’s. This was a new park for us and we enjoyed it much more than we expected. A reality we have found with more than a few National Park sites. This one is tricky to get to and if you are pulling a trailer, very difficult to park. I was a bit early and pulled into the lot when I found out there was no exit on the far side that was indicated on the map view. It was reconfigured earlier in the year. However, two rangers assisted me and we turned around and parked parallel to a stone wall. The people serving here were wonderful. We spent about 6 hours and we had budgeted a couple. Still had too little time here and must come back. It is easy to see why painters, as was Weir, spent lots of time on this property. Weir initiated and popularized the American impressionist movement from this locale.