Travel Diary 17 / by Dave Hileman

It is the big day, the hike up Pemetic Mountain. It is the last one not climbed on the shirt CJH bought me a few years ago. It was a gorgeous day and we started up just about 8 in the morning. The ascent was on the Jordan Pond trail and then up on the Pemetic Southridge trail. We started in a nice forest and then up several dozen steps, then again through forest but more rock underneath, gradually the trees thinned and we emerged on the sloping granite at about 1/2 way to the top. Fewer and fewer trees and more exposed rock but you get false tops before the real top and on this hike there were two before the actual apex. We enjoyed the view, had a snack and then made the bad choice to go back on the Northridge Trail. After 1/4 mile we were into a difficult descent over loose boulders and smaller rocks the entire way. It took a long time to get back. We hopped on the Island Explorer, a free bus sponsored by L L Bean. Nice. We picked up a bowl of clam chowder for lunch and, after a brief rest, went for a walk on the rather flat trail at Hunter Brook Cove, a favorite spot. Had a great dinner in Bar Harbor at Galyn’s - always classy and excellent. Then we wandered among the shops and ended with chocolate and buttermint ice cream at MDI, my favorite shop!

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Well the big day arrived with clear sunny skies, about the only slight flaw in a perfect plan executed to the ultimate degree. I was up early, thankfully the guides went off to climb another silly mountain. With all the nice ponds to explore they keep going up? Anyway, I finished cooking all the food and still had time to polish my antlers and groom my lush coat. And just barely finished the name tags, we moose are not the most distinctive breed, except for certain excellent individuals. About 11:00 the first cousins arrived from Baxter area, then four more from Mooselake region and even three from NH. By noon nearly 20 moose were ready for the feast, though I thought a few more might come I figured it was just more for those that did. And they loved the food. It was a huge hit. Well, they did not really like the lobster rolls but the salad and the seafood boil were gulped down with gusto. Actually a little too much gusto, they made a mess and still had to go to the pond to eat some reeds and grasses. Not one of them had decent table manners. Also they were not enamored with the baked Maine. I heard one cousin from Aroostock County say he never had ice cream and did not like reminders of winter. Reminders of winter, move to a better climate! I am sure they enjoyed themselves a lot but they did not stay too long after the food was finished except one little runt cousin I had not met before who seemed to see the light of decent dining and he Is hanging around asking all sorts of annoying questions. I guess I can be magnanimous, one of my outstanding qualities - and answer him kindly. I was also a bit miffed that none of my old girl friends were able to come. It seems they managed to swallow their extreme disappointment that I had moved and chose to address their heartbreak by getting married. Married! It has been a long week of preparation and even I get a little tired at times I think I will rest a bit tomorrow if this “cousin” will leave me alone. I need to learn his name. I actually miss home a bit and wonder if any new restaurants have opened since I left. 

I did not have time to check my email today, hope the lawyer has my checks sorted out.

Is this not delightfully Moosey

Is this not delightfully Moosey