Upper Delaware Scenic River - New York / by Dave Hileman

I have only one perspective on this long park. The park is disjointed. In places it is merely the river in others it is land around the river. We intended to drive to two places but the first stop was atop a narrow, curvy two lane road with a stone wall on one side and a cliff on the other. There were wide spots where you could pull off against the stone wall and see the river below. We were there just as it was getting dark and the road was full of import cars and motorcycles racing up and down the three or four miles of winding road -and us, pulling a travel trailer. I did get one place where buses turn around and was able turn around there and to pull in a sort of wide spot barely off the road to get this photo. Cars were five and six in a line going very fast two feet from the side of our truck and trailer. So we did not stay too long. And since I had turned around I was headed back the way we came with no opportunity to turn again for five miles. By then the anxiety of driving back up the mountain and in the mix of the racers meant I was not going to go further into the park. So, while technically we did visit the park, it was not very satisfying. The area is one we will be back to as there are hikes and two other parks in the area with nice camping and other interesting places to visit. But for now, this is it. This was a first time park for us.