Travel Diary Final Day / by Dave Hileman

We drove down I-81 to Fishersville to attend church at Bridge. This is a church doing a very good job serving the community and growing as they do. Loved the service this morning. We wished we could have stayed and had lunch with friends but we needed to get home because the week was going to be busy. We chose to travel down 29 to avoid the heavy truck traffic on 81 that seems to build even more on Sunday. It added a tiny bit of travel time but was an easy drive. We did stop briefly for lunch in Lynchburg. Arrived home at about 5 and had some help unloading: thanks Geof, Alli and Kellen. Still lots to do but we were in and the trailer, very dirty trailer, was parked until we could clean it, maybe Sunday. I will fill in some stats later. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

Home. Almost, I am still with the guides but I need a quiet place to work and they are heading to something called Tennessee - a no moose state, why go? Anyway, it was a super trip. I got to see many cousins, made a few new acquaintances and found a new calling. And I got this fabulous award. I think it was the Everythingism Award of Valor and Excellence. I guess I am now the superintendent of the National Parks. I won’t let that power go to my head. 

Of course I will not abandon all my other talents but Moose Rights is now a priority. And I have a plan - most of a plan. I heard back from two moose, one named Regal, a different tribe but I think we are distantly related. She is from Montana a state I always admired and wanted to visit. She is interested in helping out Moose Rights — and she sounds very pretty. And I heard from Fairlane, from another tribe, in Alaska. The tribe there is huge, 200,000 moose strong and he is one of the leaders. So, the plan is to take what’s his name and go to Alaska because that many moose will be able to make great headway in the cause. Along the way I might get to Montana!

The first issue is where is Alaska? I found two maps but it seems hard to pin down and it must have a wall around it. It looks like an island on one and attached to something called Hawaii in the other. So, phase one - find Alaska. Phase two - embark on a plan to convince the guides they need to go to Alaska. That might be hard as they certainly had difficulty getting to Maine and we all know where that is, but they did persist. With a little gentle persuasion from me. I am sure I can accomplish this with a bit of time. After all, wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming each night to accomplish my goals are some of my most outstanding qualities.