Travel Diary 15 / by Dave Hileman

We finally have nice weather after three days of overcast and / or rain. Mostly rain. We took advantage and first walked the Great Head Trail, a primer for the bigger trails but some of the best ocean views on the island. Then we slipped into town and had lunch at the Morning Glory, a long-time favorite spot for breakfast but it was equally good for lunch, than back to another easier trail, Gorham Mountain. This is made a bit more challenging but going up the south ridge and then down the north side. Part of the way down we took another trail to a bit more remote lake, “The Bowl,” and then back to the parking area near sand beach. On the way up we were passed (only because I am taking lots of photos:) by a couple from Boone, NC who had just received the mailing from Mountainside Church about their move to a new venue. We then went back to the campsite, changed and went to dinner at the The Chart Room - after shooting sunset photos near the campground. CJH said her meal was one of the best she ever had, anywhere. Pretty good recommendation. Mine was excellent too, a mixed grill of three fish. Back to the trailer, it is so dark here, cool. We are warm and cozy in the trailer. 

Cadillac’s Correct Viewpoint!

So much to do and only one of me to do it. It is a good thing that time management is one of my outstanding qualities. It would not be such an issue but the guides are going to The Bowl as it is called now, in my day it was simply the Dipper. But I really wanted to do that walk up Gorham and around - first, because I had not been in several years and second, who knows where the “guides” would end up without my keen sense of direction. So we did the trail together. They struggled to keep up but I was patient, as I already mentioned, a sterling part of my character. After, I did the preparation for the big Saturday feast. Lots of chopping and mixing, a delicate task for a well-hoofed animal such as myself, but I have accomplished it to perfection. Also, tomorrow will be lots of cooking after I dredge up some lobsters. However, I am taking time to visit with a couple of elderly aunts, Phaeton 5859 & Series 62, across the bay as they will not be able to swim over for the celebration feast and I know they would be quite upset if they did not get to see me. Understandably, of course. I might also see if Sixty Special would like to go to the movies, we have not seen each other for 5 years and I expect she misses me a lot. Just great to be basking in the blueberry essence of my youth but need to keep working if this party is to be the smashing success everyone expects of my efforts.