Lone Cypress / by Dave Hileman

This is the protected signature of the Pebble Beach conglomerate, so you can't sell or use this image for commercial purposes. (There goes my plan for world domination of the single cypress tree photo industry.) Both it and the drive were a bit of a disappointment. The drive was over stunning scenery but it is crowded with homes and you only get brief glimpses of the shore, the roads are public but they are gated so they charge you to take the famed 17 mile drive. The first portion along the shore leading to the pay road is much nicer. The three or four stops are like the "lone" tree, hyped past the reality. We drove south of there on US 1 toward Big Sur and the views were incomparable. So, if I were to eliminate one thing from the trip is would be this 17 mile drive off Monterey.