Nineteen Too / by Dave Hileman

We also re-visited 19 National Park Service units this past year including our 14th week in Acadia National Park. Many of those we revisited were ones we went to BC (before camera). So the photos were a primary reason but we had a great time and some of the ones we did visit we had not been to in decades. Arlington House since the late 60's, Eisenhower house since the early 80's are two of those places. This group was very diverse, two National Parks, two National Seashores, National Military Parks, National Battlefields, Memorials, Historic Sites and one dedicated to the arts. We completed all the parks in Vermont and New Hampshire (one each!) and really enjoyed Boston area. Especially the pastry shops which, sadly, are not listed in NPS - even though they were worthy of national recognition. 

Tomorrow we will finish the look back and talk about where we are going.