Curt and Jackie / by Dave Hileman

This photo was taken on Sunday at Curt's 90th birthday party - Jackie is nowhere close to that age. I could write about their service to our country, about the wonderful posse of children they raised well who are raising their families equally well into another generation, I could write of their pride of place and country and spend pages on their faith. Their service in a thousand ways to scores of people and churches is known only to the One who really matters. They are inspirational. I include them here because they re-started Cindy and me on the whole idea of camping when they sold us their Rialta. We used it for several trips to Florida, Maine, Montana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York and ??? We learned a lot and now begin a new chapter with the Oliver travel trailer. Thanks, Curt and Jackie, for all you do and for all you mean to so many people across this world. Blessings and Happy Birthday, Curt.