Deep Regret and Sincere Apologies / by Dave Hileman

The entire staff of Two Lane Touring regrets the disappointment caused by the failure to post the photograph yesterday of the Blue Crabs. We realize that our fan is grieved by the second failure in only 1302 days to properly post a photo. Words cannot express...

So, we announce the following staff changes.

The Director of Photo Placement for the No Itinerary blog has been let go.  The Senior Executive Associate Art Director, Night Shift, has been demoted to Second Minion. Our entire Third Shift Proofing Staff will be on temporary cafeteria duty pending further training.  And, most difficult, the Senior Acquisition Manager, Doughnut Division will be responsible for only the early morning donuts while we evaluate the role a lack of sugar played in this whole sorry mess. 

Here is the missing photograph.