A Bit Different / by Dave Hileman

Friends of ours were in town for a couple of days and we went out to eat on Tuesday. They like Mexican food and so we chose to take them to Gonza Tacos y Tequila, the original place on Lead Mine Road. If you want an experience this is a good place; if you want superior food, this is a great place. Not your standard fare and not served in a standard atmosphere. The body outlines on the floor are just the first thing you notice not the most unusual. You do get to choose your own bobblehead creation if you are waiting for a table. And most nights you will wait for a table. But that is OK, well worth the line. On this night the owner, Gonza, stopped by our table and we chatted a bit. He asked if we like coconut or chocolate better. Silly question. He sent out to our table a chocolate flan with a complex sauce that had a citrus tang. We swooned. In our first year in Raleigh we have been here six or eight times. Far too few and we will correct that going forward.