How to Buy an Oliver, Chapter Two / by Dave Hileman

So, if you have done as we did and spent the night in Nashville, head out early in the morning toward Hohenwald. There are several routes but we wandered southwest along two lane highways past picturesque farms and beautiful ranches that I am sure were each owned by county music stars I did not know. We missed breakfast so as we approached the Natchez Trace (easiest way south) we stumbled on a great little crossroads community, Leipers Fork, with an old grocery store music venue and found an excellent breakfast across the street at Country Boys. We exited the Trace onto Highway 412 west toward Hohenwald. The Oliver showroom is right on the main road. However, you could easily drive by the nondescript building. It could have been a day-old bakery outlet. Except for the two Oliver trailers along the side and a sign. We pulled into the gravel lot and Anita was expecting us. The Oliver model we were interested in was inside and a second one outside to view. After an hour or more of looking, lots of questions and a tight grip on our box of doubloons, we went down the road a mile or so to take the factory tour. That was the highlight.