Today in History / by Dave Hileman

At least three battles began on this date that people still study and remember. Gettysburg, Cold Harbor and Somme. The battle of the Somme began 100 years ago today. One of my most vivid memories of my trip in England in 1996 happened by chance. I was in London and touring Westminster Abby. As I came to the front I noticed an area of poppies covering about 25 square feet of the floor and about 5 gentlemen standing around the flowers and two in wheelchairs. They were survivors of the battle. A ceremony began shortly that only lasted a few minutes and had a very small audience but was quite moving. Most of the men were in tears and when the presenter from the news asked, "why," they replied with the names of friends and neighbors lost in the battle. 80 years on and the horror and pain was still very real. 

I have a photo that I will get scanned sometime but for today this homemade remembrance from the 9/11 Memorial in NYC to a British soldier lost in the terror attack.