So ASK! / by Dave Hileman

The process of trying to capture images at all 413 current National Park Service sites is by the nature of time, effort, expense and season- a bit rushed. And I have a lot to learn because we are not just showing up (usually not just showing up) but are interested in the site, its history and the learning experience. We do not have the luxury of many visits at all seasons therefore we must shoot with great light or poor, with rain or bright sun, in the hours the park is open. The main lesson I have learned is to ask the rangers, "What makes this park unique? What are the most interesting images people have taken here? What photograph might show the essence of the site?" And I get great answers. Most of the rangers are very helpful. In Arlington I got to see graffiti from Civli War solders scrawled on rafters in the attic, at George Rodgers Clark hints on the sunlight filtering in the skylight and at Assateague information on the habits of a couple of horses that allowed me to take this image at sunset. 

Great hint for shooting: ASK.