Virgina - Abingdon - Bone Fire Smokehouse / by Dave Hileman

I was not sure about posting this one. It is not the best restaurant in Abingdon, not in the top few. But it was good. This building was once a hardware store, then a couple of different restaurants and now, Bone Fire. They did not even fix up the front of the building and it remains a mis-mash of the other endeavors here. But the food was good. They smoke meats here and have a lot of choices. The ribs ostensibly won a national contest. We had pulled pork and pork loin, they were good, the loin a very good choice. What I really liked were the sides. Green beans, cornbread, diced spiced apples and more were excellent. Also there were five or six sauces all homemade in a sauce bar that was both fun and different. I really liked the berry and the peach. So, give it a try when in Abingdon if the more expensive choices, The Tavern, Rain, Martha Washington or the Peper Mill are not what you want, you will get a good meal at a great price at Bone Fire.