Alabama - Montgomery - Urban Cookhouse / by Dave Hileman

This is a fledgling franchise but you may be seeing one soon in your urban setting because it was quite good and the concept well executed. I think the closest one to our house in Raleigh is in Charlotte and there were maybe ten or eleven others with most of them in Alabama. They feature salads, sandwiches and a lot more, all fresh mostly local and cleverly arranged and presented. My salad was very nice and looked even better plus it had a fresh orange roll on the top. (And they sell extras!). CJH also had a salad but she had one with lots of bacon that was tasty too. She also took a mac, ham and cheese dish to go and had it for lunch the next day, she said she should have ordered two. Anyway, look for one to pop up soon - and get in line. Shout out to the staff at Montgomery - there were really on top of everything and super friendly. 

Please note the clever insertion of the Two Lane Touring trailer in the reflection. Wish it was planned.