Maine - Bar Harbor - MDI Ice Cream / by Dave Hileman

Sometimes you have to eat healthy for dinner so I recommend dairy! MDI is one of my absolute favorite ice cream shops - in the top three easily. It is right on the village green in Bar Harbor and this year they doubled in size. It is a super creamy, very flavorful ice cream with many unique offerings or at least more choices that the ordinary ones found in most shops. It seems expensive but it is a small batch premium product - the sweet spot (pun alert) is the double cone that allows you to try two flavors and you want to try two flavors! Waffle cones are a reasonable fifty cents. My hands down choice is the Buttermint, but I like a lot of the flavors. There is a second location down the street a bit where the make the ice cream but they are not open the hours nor is it quite as convenient. There are three other shops a short, very short, walk from MDI but after often trying another choice, MDI always wins. Four visits this year in a week is sadly not enough. I did just learn they have a fourth shop in Washington DC near where we started a church in Columbia Heights. I just realized that church needs a visit very soon.

Sorry for the poor photo, too excited to actually compose a photo.