Power / by Dave Hileman

Our Oliver trailer has a shore electric hookup so when we have access to a plug we have full power. We also have 200 watts of solar cells that assist in keeping the batteries charged and that is the second system for power, the deep cycle batteries. We have an inverter but it rarely works. But 12 volt only and occasional 110 power is not always sufficient for us. We do a lot of camping with no power hook-ups and we can easily run the battery down as these lead acid batteries only are usable for a little less than half of the rated power. So we also have a generator. It is a Honda 2200i that is fully capable of being used for lots of power needs even more specialized equipment like a laptop. This unit is easy to start and is really pretty quiet. When we are inside the trailer you can barely hear it running. I keep it in the very back of the truck and it is secured with a strong cable that allows me to move it about 10 feet with out disconnecting. I just serviced and checked everything out for the upcoming trip and it works well. Glad to have the extra power because two or three days of rain in a row you a pretty much out of juice. So far well worth the investment. Maybe next year I will add lithium batteries to the trailer but not this year.