Field of Blooms by Dave Hileman

I, again, have no idea what these are but the are adjacent to the parking lot of the NC Museum of Art and were intentionally planted there as a drought resistant, heat resistant boarder for the lot. Whatever they may be they are pretty in the breeze. 


Happy No Labor Day on Labor Day by Dave Hileman

It always seems to me that Labor Day is an awkward holiday. Some see it only as the "end of summer" or back to school - except for many that was days or even weeks ago, others for the start of fall sports, i.e. football and only a few for the celebration of the work ethic that helped make this an amazing country - and we celebrate it with a day off! Whatever your day is like, mine is just a work day - I hope you enjoy it and appreciate the contributions of those who allowed our economy to reach a point where this kind of day is celebrated. 

From a concert in Frederick, MD at the fairgrounds. 

From a concert in Frederick, MD at the fairgrounds. 

Same Moose - by Dave Hileman

Here he is even a bit closer. 

"O Lord, what a variety of things you have made! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures."  Psalm 104:24 NLT

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Near by Dave Hileman

Our next large mammal was way too close. He emerged from the lake and instead of going away from us headed toward us on a narrow trail where left was in the water and right a steep bank of rip-rap. We just got across and up the hill a wee bit (and behind a tree) when he went past on the trail at arms length. Magnificent animal and my favorite to see. 

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"The More Things Change...." by Dave Hileman

"the more they seem to be the same." In Boston a statue of King George was toppled and much of it melted to make musket balls. By careful analysis it was determined that this ball recovered at Monmouth NJ was one of those balls. This is at the newly opened Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. More about that collection later. 


Perchance to Dream... by Dave Hileman

So, there is a large mural on a wall by the downtown farmers market. I had driven by it before but stopped on a Sunday night to take a photo. Then, my grandson discovered this little sculpture - about 8 inches high, that apparently is the "source" of the mural as his little thought bubbles go on and on. 

Number 39 by Dave Hileman

Waypoint Church Partners worked with Point Church in Raleigh as they opened their eighth campus and Waypoint our 39th project. It was an excellent opening day with well over 350 people in attendance. 

New Sculptures by Dave Hileman

There are two rather large heads out of wire at the NC Museum of Art. They look different in different light. They are the newest additions at the growing outdoor art along the various trails at NCMA.

North Carolina Museum of Art by Dave Hileman

This is a hidden courtyard at the NCMoA with a beautiful pool and several sculptures. When the sun is setting it is an even more beautiful place. We enjoy walking here there are several miles of paths and trails and always something to see.