Crowded by Dave Hileman

Looking Glass falls in the Pisgah National Forest. There were people everywhere, many in the water! Parking was a problem! I took this using the large rock and the angle to screen most of the folks. Nice place. 


Myra by Dave Hileman

I am on a bit of an adventure with Myra. She is a Personal Trainer at North Raleigh Fitness. I am amazed that I am here. The first time I have been in a gym since 10th grade was last November. I wondered if my old and increasingly decrepit self could improve with strength training. After all, we still have more than 200 parks to visit and hike in. She said of course and I have been going about twice a week now for eight months. My strength has increased by a factor of four and I am amazed. She works on balance and flexibility as well. I have learned how to lift without hurting my back, I do exercises I never expected to do (she has something new every time!) - and she is encouraging, optimistic and ...relentless. Most exciting, Cindy has joined me so now we can compare what hurts the most for the days between sessions. Seriously, this has had significant benefits and, if you are thinking. "maybe," talk to Myra - she is excellent at what she does. Or if you don't live here, find a good PT and start. 


Paasages by Dave Hileman

This is my grandson in the MINI learning, successfully I may add, to drive the stick shift. He is a super young man with a variety of interests and accomplishments. A genuine pleasure to be around and a great companion for photo walks and other adventures. He even is good natured about letting his grandfather re-stage a photo. The time between the two shots seems like hours. And, yes, it is the same car.

KellenMINI (1).jpg

I Can't Stop by Dave Hileman

Actually that is me not the cars. I love these old racing automobiles and the noise they make. Here is a bunch. A Porsche, Volvo P 1800, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Jaguar XKE, the old 64 Falcon, and a Vette head out of the Roller Coaster - a tricky reverse camber turn and then into a sweeping right hand fast bend onto the main straight. 


Favorites by Dave Hileman

As a kid I followed the Ferrari / Ford battle at LeMann with great intensity. The Gulf Oil livery cars were later parked at the Gulf Research Center not far from my house and I got to see them in person. So anytime I see one of these, more modern, replica or original, I am transported back to those times. Love the sound they make too. The red one is a newer variant the blue/orange below is more true to the first Ford GT-40's.


The Edge by Dave Hileman

This 64 Falcon took the turn in the Roller Coaster a bit too hot and went up on two wheels. I was shooting the car in front of him and missed the most dramatic moment, however, he is not quite settled back yet, I think the front wheel is still a touch off the ground and he takes another 300 feet before all is well. (He did win his class!) 


Turn Three (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

At the Virginia International Raceway for the vintage races. Here a V-8 powered MGB-GT leads a Porsche 911 and 914 out of the turn. 

In the second photo the MG and 911 are gone and the 914 holds back a gaggle of cars, an Alfa, Lotus, Porsche 356, TR-3 and another 911 with a mystery car in the grass and a 240Z parked on the straight. 


Kale Sale? by Dave Hileman

I doubt it - but the crowds were out at the Lancaster, PA, Farmer's Market. In spite of no room to walk down an aisle, I still found a great donut and enough produce to make two trips to the car. One just with ham! Its said when that is my favorite place to shop.


Motorsports Photographer (2 photos) by Dave Hileman

My grandson, Kellen, at the Virginia International Raceway. He and I were able to attend a VIR vintage race and shoot lots of photographs. I will share a couple here. The best part was spending a day with a super young man. He also drove us home, learning well! We were standing on the bed of the truck to clear the fence along this very fast section of the track. 

 A 1964 Falcon about to get passed by a much faster Mustang. But the Falcon - driven with great entertainment, won its class. 

A 1964 Falcon about to get passed by a much faster Mustang. But the Falcon - driven with great entertainment, won its class. 

This Memorial Day... by Dave Hileman

...remember that the flag under which we live was not raised without cost. It matters not your political slant, your color, your gender, your age, or your status, if you live here - the privilege of America - it is because others of a different political persuasion, a different color, the opposite gender, a different age and either richer or poorer than you died that you might live with a measure of freedom rarely experienced in any age, in any country. 

 Cemetery at York, Pennsylvania - a flag for each veteran. 

Cemetery at York, Pennsylvania - a flag for each veteran. 

Aglow by Dave Hileman

The powder magazine at Colonial Williamsburg in the early evening. Or at least the top portion of the magazine. This is an original building from 1715 and has been used as a  a market, a Baptist meetinghouse, a Confederate arsenal, a dancing school, and a livery stable when its original use ceased. 

Faith Fiel Wedding-2807.jpg

Steaming Start by Dave Hileman

I hope that defines your Monday and that your week stays on the rails. Little railroad in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Lots of railroad memorabilia and sites nearby.