Purple Disney Night by Dave Hileman

Fireworks seem to be a trademark at Disney now. These we watched were at the Magic Kingdom. We were on the sand at the beach in the Fort Wilderness Campground. They even broadcast the music at the beach. Nice touch. 


Training (three photos) by Dave Hileman

From the top of the old (1859) lighthouse (coming later this week) we were able to watch the pilots in jet aircraft training at Pensacola Navel Air Station. The more traditional looking jet in the first photo was doing touch and goes, the other plane is an initial training jet. At least that is what the volunteer at the top of the lighthouse said! I was impressed with both and with the men and women who fly them, kudos. 


Like Bruce says, "You need a band." by Dave Hileman

This was clearly her band, but the other four were also quite good. So much fun walking the street - it was closed to traffic - and hearing group after group. When I came to this one, I stopped. Then 20 minutes later they opened the street and the concert was over. Rats. 


Virtuoso on the Street by Dave Hileman

Many of the performers you see and hear on the streets of New Orleans are good, some very good and then there are those who excel beyond any expectations of what you would hear just walking along a street. This lady was one of those, just exceptional. And having a lot of fun. Treat plus hearing her. 


Working by Dave Hileman

There are boats in the harbors that dot Mt. Desert Island and lots of them are quite expensive and used occasionally for pleasure. And there are others, some also expensive, that are used for work. Lobster boats, ferries, fishing boats, Coast Guard ships, tenders and dredgers. There are also lots of "getting to" boats, as in from the dock to the boat. These are two that have seen hard service, years of back and forth carrying anything and everything and gaining lots of character. These two are in Northeast Harbor, Maine. 


Bird Week IV Red-tailed Hawk by Dave Hileman

Or at least I think so. I am not too good on hawks that show variation on their patterns. And many do depending on time of year, region and maturity. This one sailed over the NC Museum of Art on one of our walks. Red-tail is the most likely ID for the bird but it is not typical and I did not see the translucent red tail but how he flew it would not have been apparent. Still beautiful.

I double posted a photo on the 19th and missed it when it was "scheduled" so I am putting this up today where it belongs. Several editorial staff folks have been sent to re-education camp. 


Bird Week IV White-winged Dove by Dave Hileman

I was able to see and identify several of these birds - the first one was in Arizona at Fort Bowie. However, the best photo I got was this one at our campground in Nevada near Great Basin National Park. There were two of them and one was flitting about while this one seemed to be stuck on this branch, hardly moving. 


Could It Possibly Be...? by Dave Hileman

Indeed, the long awaited Bird Week IV is here. (Please note the classy use of Roman Numerals just like the Super Bowl.) First up is the female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. I caught her at the Thuya Gardens in Northwest Harbor, Maine. 


Wild by Dave Hileman

Beautiful flowers on Mt Dessert Island along the shore in Tremont, Maine  near the harbor. Tremont is a small village with one of the more popular lobster piers. 


Bird Week IV Red-tail by Dave Hileman

I am not the best at identifying hawks that don't fit the precise model in the bird books. And most don't. If I could see a flash of red on the tail, got it, banded tail, got it but usually it is a variant because the change with the seasons and regions and maturity. However, I really think this is a red-tail hawk. It was soaring over the NC Museum of Art. And it was lovely to watch. 


The Marimba Man by Dave Hileman

"So, play "Stardust" for me again."

It winter, so what do you do? You play around in a dark room with light painting. Try number one. If this is too far afield, there is a new "Eats!" today and a new campground yesterday. Regular programing resumes tomorrow.


Yates Mill #4, the Frozen Years by Dave Hileman

Took another quick trip to Yates on Saturday. Was so cold. My gloves were useless. Did two thirty minute shoots but that is all I could stand. I did like this shot of the mill wheel, the ice, the dam and the rainbow. Did you see the rainbow. That means summer will come! Oh, and welcome to the Monday thaw. 


Happy Birthday by Dave Hileman

Cindy at White Sands National Monument. There are not enough accolades to share how I feel about Cindy suffice it to say there is no one I would rather travel with: to parks, to the store, to see friends or family, even to Disney. Looking forward to the days and the trips that will make up 2018. 


Just an Impression by Dave Hileman

This pond photo reminds me of Claud Monet's work. Not comparison - but in generalities. My favorite painters are of the Hudson River School, and few individuals and the Impressionists. Different styles but I always seem drawn to them in galleries. 


Passage by Dave Hileman

Time passes quickly when looked back. My amazing grandson is old enough as of today to actually learn to drive this car and I am thrilled to be able to share in teaching him. He is a clever, creative, strong, capable, smart, engaging young man who knows a lot, works hard, is determined and full of grace. How fortunate his grandmother and I are to be able to live near enough to see him change and grow. Kudos, too, to his mom and dad who are doing a phenomenal job shepherding three excellent kids toward adulthood. Have a super birthday, K. 

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