We're One! / by Dave Hileman

The revised blog went live one year ago as Two Lane Touring. We have had a few changes in the format and more are coming as we try to always improve the experience here. 

In the year we added 55 new National Park Service galleries (with more than 50 to add this year). We visited over 50 new NPS sites in 27 states and posted more than 400 photographs on this venue. 

As of this month Two Lane Touring averages more than 120 unique visitors each month and about 450 page views. We added Instagram for quick iPhone shots (more food than anything else) and post twice a week on FB under Two Lane Touring. Plans are underway to reach out to some sites that are focused on National Parks and included them in the "Connections." The Oliver Trailer worked well for the most part - still have a furnace issue, but it now is approaching 20,000 miles. I am adding an Oliver Gallery next month. The Fuji Xt-1 and Xt-2 preform better than the user but I am still learning. It is an excellent camera and the lenses are even better. 

The adventure to visit and photograph in all of the National Park Service sites has been exciting. Seeing more of the country and the treasures preserved by the NPS is worth all the time and effort. They collectively are magnificent. And we have learned so much and been inspirited to read even more about the many places and people represented. We are already working on plans for next year's trips. 

 Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley

Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley