Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Dave Hileman

Well, we didn't but it still reminded me of that Blue Grass song first done in 1949. This is the famed Linn Cove Viaduct - the last section of the Blue Ridge Parkway to be completed. It opened in the 1980's and cost over 10 million dollars. This shot is from the start of the north end with fog rapidly cutting the view to zero in about five minutes. I like how the road just disappears. And if you don't know the story of Foggy Mountain Breakdown, check out this from NPR:

If you don't know the song listen here and watch for some folks you might know:


Emmense by Dave Hileman

You can feel a bit insignificant standing alone on the edge of Death Valley. The white in the photo is not clouds but salt on the valley floor. 

"It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall."
Psalms 75:7 NLT


Superior Sunset by Dave Hileman

That is Lake Superior at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Lake Superior was a gorgeous deep blue and the sunsets both night were quite nice. The lake is rather clear and a neat activity was a boat tour over other vessels sunk in the strong storms that are characteristic of the lake. 

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Death Valley by Dave Hileman

The white substance on the floor of the valley is salt. You are looking at the lowest place, 230+ feet below sea level in the US. Death Valley is breathtaking. I just loved the park and really anxious to return and see much more of it than is possible in a couple of days. This view only shows a small portion of the park. 


Bird Week VI: The Desert by Dave Hileman

Driving along Artist's Drive in the Death Valley National Park, I saw the bird fly across the road in front of the car and then back. I stopped and got one or two shots in flight but did not know what I had seen until I shot this one under the brush. It did not stay still long and was gone before I got a second shot. This was a life-list bird for me, first time I had seen one. The Sage Sparrow is distinct so it was a clear ID. Not a very common bird even in the SW desert habitat that it likes. 


Bird Week VI: The Desert by Dave Hileman

The Eurasian Collared-Dove is resting on a picnic table near the visitor's center in Death Valley National Park. The bird is larger than the more common Mourning Dove seen in the Mid-Atlantic. At first it appeared white but on closer inspection it is subtile shades of purple with dark primaries and grey on the back tail feathers. The bird is spreading across the Southeast and Southwest US. 


A Moment Before the Storm by Dave Hileman

Looking from the first overlook at the Beacon Hill hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway across miles of rolling mountains the rain was fast approaching with the cloud mists enveloping us as part of the prelude. 

"Your unfailing love, O Lord , is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds."
Psalm 36:5 NLT


Up by Dave Hileman

A most excellent hike, the trail leads up the face of the cliff 1089 feet. The Precipice Trail at Acadia National Park is closed much of the early spring and summer for the Peregrine falcons that nest here but by the time we arrive in late September the trail is open and beckoning. Breathtaking views. That is my friend Laura nearing the top from a couple of years ago. Happy Birthday!


Variation by Dave Hileman

This is a slightly different perspective of Monument Cove in Acadia National Park of a photo I have posted long ago. Much more of the tree on the left and different processing as well. I am hopeful to shoot this spot at Sunrise this fall. Sometimes the cliffs glow bright red for a few seconds and it is amazing. 


Panorama by Dave Hileman

From Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park. That is Great Head sticking out on the left with Sand Beach peeking out in the bay area. Thunder Hole is about directly below. It is very popular and crowded often but rarely lives up to the name. Gorham is a nice easy hike to about 550 feet over sea level and great views. Not sure how a panorama photo will look on the site but here we go. 


Bubble Pond by Dave Hileman

This is also the start to the Pemetic Mountain trail. Pemetic Mountain is 1248 above this pond and is the last of the named peak hikes we have yet to do at Acadia so it is first on the list for this fall. Note we are looking south. The valleys and mountain ranges run north to south on the island so you will not catch a sunset or sunrise on the water here. The sun illuminates the eastern side of the pond as it begins to set in the west. This is not a high traffic area of the park and yet still quite beautiful. 


Sailboat View by Dave Hileman

I am reviewing some older photos that I just never processed - a few this week from Acadia National Park. As we climbed Acadia Mountain along Somes Sound there was a break in the trees and we could see this boat against Sutton Island and the Atlantic stretching out beyond. Delightful day. 


Happy TLT Third Anniversary by Dave Hileman

Two Lane Touring completed three years of posts. In those three years we have shared about 1400 photos in over 1100 posts. We have added 125 National Park Galleries. Since the start of our quest to photograph all 417 units of the National Park Service we have added more than 80 new parks and are now stand at 193 visited. We added a "camping" section this year and will add to that as we travel. The restaurant "review-ish" section called "Eats!" is posted once per week, usually on Thursday. We have lots of unique restaurants but not very many of them photographed, just did not think about that early into the trips. We added a search feature and are working to make posts more easily searched by kind, location etc. 

Visits are up a lot this year so far with more than 800 different people from 39 states and 19 other countries viewing almost 5000 pages. Wow. Thanks.

We have a trip this fall that will add another 12 new parks. Our goal is the halfway point by the new year. Several things also planned on the site for late fall or early winter, so thanks for viewing!

PHoto: Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Dave and Cindy 


Bucolic? by Dave Hileman

This peaceful scene is quite unlike what it looked like in the aftermath of this struggle in 1862 known as Gaines Mill. This is the third engagement of the Seven Days Battle and a clear Confederate victory. Only about 9% of the battlefield is under NPS but this is the center of the Union line and where the south broke through to the left of this photograph. The house is the Springfield Plantation or the Watt House. The fence is a replica of what was here on either side of the road to Richmond. It was taken apart to build a defensive line for the Union. The widow who lived in the house fled in a wagon. She died two years later having never returned to her home. 

"We hoped for peace, but no peace came. We hoped for a time of healing, but found only terror." Jeremiah 8:15 NLT


Yep, More Grass (3 photos) by Dave Hileman

We are back at the Petersburg National Battlefield at the famous Crater. The entrance you see was to a mine shaft dug by Pennsylvania coal miners under the Confederate lines. The resulting explosion blew a hole over 170 feet across and more than 30 feet deep. Sadly for the extension of the conflict, the Union botched the opportunity presented by the huge gap in the lines and, other than more causalities, nothing was gained at the end of the day. The other two photos show the Crater as it is today. 


Wet by Dave Hileman

In Yosemite last spring we hiked to Nevada Falls and the waterfalls were all overflowing. The last 1/2 mile or so to Nevada will get you a bit wet anytime but this year was a drenching. By the time you got to the steps is was just soaking. And it was a bit cool. I took this photo, huddled along an edge of the cliff where I could poke up shoot and then clean the lens (again!). What a great hike and delightful spot. 


Power by Dave Hileman

This is taken from a small suspension bridge with the heavy snowmelt overflowing the banks of the King River in the King Canyon National Park. Were were past the end of the road about a mile or so to the bridge. What a stunning view and a roar that make conversation difficult.