Some Color by Dave Hileman

We were early or fall colors were late at MDI this year. This was one of the few bright trees we saw and it was in a brief respite from the rain. I took this shot from the Duck Bridge, one of the original carriage road bridges in the park and one of the higher. It leads to a lovely place to walk to Witch Hole Pond.


Rocks & Ocean by Dave Hileman

Some rocks off shore along the Ocean Walk at Acadia National Park. This was an 18 second exposure at f11 and 18mm. I had to raise the f-stop to get a long enough exposure or at least the one I was looking for on this shot. It is also cropped to take out a shoreline rock.


Dressed for Winter by Dave Hileman

This solitary Spotted Sandpiper was poking through the rocks and seaweed on the shore at Little Hunter Cove in Acadia. I liked the colors of the debris in contrast to his somber winter colors. He stopped bobbing his tail and probing for insects long enough to pose for his portrait. Nice of him.


Little Brewster Island and Lighthouse by Dave Hileman

One o the National Park sites we were able to visit is a collection of islands in Boston Harbor. Some are just NPS, some are held in partnership with other organizations. Still other islands in the harbor are private. When we were there there were only two islands open for touring and two partnership spots. We went to one island and one partnership. The island in the photo is of Little Brewster Island & Lighthouse and is one of the more challenging to get to simply because of the very limited hours and occasional days that it is open. But we sailed sort of close and I shot this from our boat just after leaving another island.

“If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans,

even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.” Psalm 139: 9,10 NLT


Marsh Walk Late Day by Dave Hileman

At the southern end of the Cape Cod National Seashore we walked along two paths that led across marsh lands. Not too many birds, a bit disappointing there but the air was so nice and it was the last warm day we had on the trip.


Send a Letter by Dave Hileman

This is the mail car from the late 1930’s that were a part of many trains. I was amazed at all the sorting and handling that was done while the train was rolling along.


Harriet Tubman by Dave Hileman

This was her home late in life. She moved here at age 74 and lived here more than 20 years. The house burned in the 1880’s but was rebuilt by Harriet and her second husband who was a mason. There were two types of old bricks on the house, one sandy and a bit crumbly and one with more minerals that is darker and wears well. Those are mixed with the modern bricks used in the very recent reconstruction. The interior is not finished so it is not yet open to the public.


Stone Tower by Dave Hileman

There is a little cove we like to go to in Acadia that not many people choose to find. It is aways lovely. One interesting thing is that I always see these little towers that people build in this location. Some are several stones tall. Not many other places but this one seems to provide the inspiration and the stones.


Jordan Pond by Dave Hileman

It is hard to take a bad photo at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park but I really like this perspective. It is a bit east of where 90% of the shots are taken here. The main difference is that the Bubble Mountains (North Bubble and South Bubble) in the middle overlap as they are instead of appearing side by side. This is shot low to the water with the rocks in the foreground in focus. For the photographs here, this was shot at 18mm, ISO 200, f/11 and 125th.


Quiet Corner on Great Head by Dave Hileman

This is a walk we do most trips, it is only about 2 miles around and not too much elevation but you still have to clamber up rocks so it is a good re-introduction to hiking here. Plus the OCEAN. Views here are always nice and the waves as close as you wish to go.


Saint Croix International Historic Park by Dave Hileman

Yep, that’s it. 217 miles round trip to add number 206. Brief but investing history including the young Champlain you was here in 1604 when they tried to settle the area for the first time. One half of the men did not survive the winter so the relocated to another site and it eventually was successful. Also Sieur de Monts led the expedition and he is the one who named Mt Desert Island where Acadia National Park is located.

“My victory and honor come from God alone.

He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.” Psalm 62:7 NLT

 The only structure left on the island is an early 1900’s boat house.

The only structure left on the island is an early 1900’s boat house.

Ferns by Dave Hileman

The leaves are not changed yet but we see hints that by Sunday or Monday it will be quite beautiful. One of the early changes are in the ferns, we love the soft colors often among the green ones that have not changed. This bunch (highly technical name for more than one fern) was really pretty.


Seaman's Bethel by Dave Hileman

This is a chapel near the wharf at New Bedford. Herman Melville worshiped here and used this in his most famous work. He added the ship’s prow pulpit to his novel, it was not here. The guests who come here were so disappointed that it was added years ago.