The Tailor by Dave Hileman

Andrew Johnson was this nation's 17th President. He ran his taylor shop from this building (and home as well) for many years. In 1921 it was placed in this building to protect it. I shot the statue of Johnson in a park across the street with bright fall colors through the window of the shop and the building. Turned out kind of cool. 

_DSF9733 A Johnson via window.jpeg

Gratitude by Dave Hileman

This turkey was photographed at the Coronado National Monument in Arizona. He surprised me as I did not think about seeing a turkey in the desert. And he was showing off as well. 

I hope your day is full of gratitude for the blessings of each day, for family and friends, for an amazing world to see and for work to engage in each day. 


and Lizzie joins by Dave Hileman

So, these are resident eagles at Fort Donelson along the Cumberland River in northern Tennessee. They nest in a large oak tree about 1/4 mile from this perch. There were two people at the overlook with lots of photography equipment and a lot of local history. Since this pair arrived about 12 years ago they were named after a husband and wife who lived here during the war and their son was killed in this battle (he was a confederate soldier). The man, Jack, never got over his death. So this vigilant pair were named for them. In a side note, each year the first person to spot the newly fledged eagles at the nest gets to name them. 

_DSF9668 Jack & Lizzie 11:17.jpeg

Jack by Dave Hileman

Yes,I know it is an eagle, but his name is Jack. Tomorrow you will meet Lizzie. And the story at Fort Donelson in Tennessee.

PS, Fuji XT-2 with 100-400 lens, 1.5 teleconverter 100 yards away and 70 feet up in the tree. 

_DSF9661 FT EAGLE Jack.jpeg

Call by Dave Hileman

This is a bell hung in the tower at the Tumicarari Mission in Arizona. The back of the tower is not finished as the front is, so you see the bricks and the gaps not filled in with stucco. The bell was used for communication in many situations but each Sunday it would summon all to the church.

"...and call the entire community of Israel together..." Leviticus 8:3 NLT


Silent Batteries by Dave Hileman

These are authentic civil war era canon like those used here at Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River in Tennessee. This fort was taken by U. S. Grant and its fall hastened the fall of Nashville and opened the way for the northern armies to begin the march through Tennessee. These canons, however, did stop the siege by the Union ironclads because of their skillful firing. 


OEOB by Dave Hileman

At least that is what is was called in 1989, the Old Executive Office Building. It is technically a part of the White House but I am not sure it is covered as a NPS site but I still put it here. It is impressive. I was able to attend a conference here when Reagan was the President. Very cool experience. 


Missed? by Dave Hileman

How easy would it be to miss this gorgeous Hooded Warbler along the swampy portion of the Bluestone National Scenic River in West Virginia if you were not listening for his call and waiting in stillness for him to emerge even though his bright colors would seem to make him un-missable.

"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes." Psalm 37:7 NLT 


Behind the Scenes, literally. by Dave Hileman

This is the back of the Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot. Booth escaped through the door on the very right (not original door but you can see the outline of the original) and up the alley. I was able to access this by going down one street, into an alley and then a second intersecting alley and then to the back of the theater. Was interesting place to see. They were working on a set for a play that was in rehearsal. 


Cart by Dave Hileman

This is in a field at the George Washington National Monument on the Virginia Northern Neck, a wonderful area to explore. 

“You have six days each week for your ordinary work, but on the seventh day you must stop working, even during the seasons of plowing and harvest." Exodus 34:21 NLT


First by Dave Hileman

The monument to the First Flight from this Kill Devil Hill on the Outer Banks. This shot if from the back side of the monument with darkening skies coming in fast. 


Devil's Golf Course by Dave Hileman

is a nickname for this portion of the Death Valley National Park valley floor. The jagged and sharp salt encrusted floor is difficult to walk on and those crevices are 2, 3 and even 4 feet deep. Indeed a difficult lie for a golfer!

<untitled> (6).jpg

It is a Law... by Dave Hileman

... or at least it might be required that any photographer passing any Joshua Tree silhouetted against the sunset sky MUST stop and take a photo. Failure to do so results in confiscation of your camera and you are given an unsharpened pencil and butcher's paper instead. 

Welcome to Monday!


Andrew Jackson by Dave Hileman

The Jackson statue stands near the White House and is one of the many small parks in the District that are managed by the National Park Service. People are making Jackson - Trump parallels today, valid or not, Old Hickory watches over the current White House residents.