Clothes by Dave Hileman

Like tires, see the kind and helpful comments on 1/29 post, we plan to both take and use them. Figuring out what to take and how much is interesting. We will have days that are hot, especially on the way home, and days that are both cold and wet. We need - or at least every piece of advice reads - layers. So we have been adding layers to our collection of clothes. High on the list is waterproof outwear and we are not sure that is covered. We have upgraded hiking boots and more warm socks, so that is good and added medium weight gloves and warmer hats for both of us. And we both have new jackets from the REI (oops it was the North Face Outlet) store that should be really good for cold days. Packing is not an issue as we have room for a lot of clothes in both the trailer and the truck we just don’t want to take stuff we don’t need. It becomes a chore to sort through two bins of “things you never wore” to get the one thing you need. Anyway, plans go on.

Four Months Out! by Dave Hileman

So we have set a tentative day to leave on this Alaska trek, May 29th, four months from today. It seems like a long time as we have been planning and reading about what, where and how for over a year but 4 months does not seem like long enough. It is yet there is a lot to get done in the midst of busy work loads for us both. 

The route is still being determined but we have waypoints that are set. First goal is South Dakota in the southwest portion where we will visit five parks then due north to ND and three parks then across Route 2 in Montana and into Canada and the Canadian Rockies. We have plans in AK but they are not finished except for arrival in Denali on July 15th. Main routes in Alaska are not too difficult as there are not many prime roads. We are finding a lot of lessor roads that are very intriguing.

Everything is out of the truck to be cleaned, sorted, repacked. Some work there. The truck needs to be checked out and a decision as to tires made. We do plan to use tires - the steel wheel option being ruled out, just not sure if we need new ones. And a spare spare too. The trailer has two factory recalls but I got an appointment locally to handle that end of February. We will plan a two night jaunt to check out things on board in April. 

Still working on how to handle bills, mail etc. Lots of details. I am rechecking all our passwords for both laptops and phones with all the programs - amazing how they get out of sync.  We are also planning what kind of meals we can do and buying food, not yet but soon, to store. Want to take staples from here both Canada and Alaska are expensive. Things like coffee, peanut butter, cereal, canned soups, dried beef, sugar et al.

Making more decisions on camera gear but some things are done and here, “L” bracket and bag are great. Lots to learn on the software yet.

I need to order and install large mud flaps on the truck and I am looking at covering materials for the front of the trailer to keep rocks from pitting and cracking the fiberglass. Also need to get everything cleaned and all the windows caulked. 

A myriad of little details like loading sufficient books on the iPad and Cindy’s Kindle, replenishing first aid and prescriptions, getting documents together, and writing new checklists. (I wrote about that and am trying to learn how to link to my own single day posts.) Click HERE to see if I learned anything

These are a few of the things we will be talking about before we leave on Journey Alaska. As usual suggestions and advice is welcome.  

I am also working on myself. I have never been on a vacation without a tight schedule. I know that does not even sound like a vacation to most of you but I wanted to see a lot in a little time. This is really going to be different. I was figuring out how to get to SD in two days and realized I could take three, or be really radical and use four. Hard to adjust your patterns.