Clothes / by Dave Hileman

Like tires, see the kind and helpful comments on 1/29 post, we plan to both take and use them. Figuring out what to take and how much is interesting. We will have days that are hot, especially on the way home, and days that are both cold and wet. We need - or at least every piece of advice reads - layers. So we have been adding layers to our collection of clothes. High on the list is waterproof outwear and we are not sure that is covered. We have upgraded hiking boots and more warm socks, so that is good and added medium weight gloves and warmer hats for both of us. And we both have new jackets from the REI (oops it was the North Face Outlet) store that should be really good for cold days. Packing is not an issue as we have room for a lot of clothes in both the trailer and the truck we just don’t want to take stuff we don’t need. It becomes a chore to sort through two bins of “things you never wore” to get the one thing you need. Anyway, plans go on.