Still Spending! / by Dave Hileman

Planned maintenance on the truck also leads to unplanned expenses. The mechanic noted that the drive shaft support bearing was badly worn and needed replaced. So we spent an unplanned additional 400+. And it will not be the last I am sure. Also the decision to go with new tires has been made. Not bought yet but decided. I think I am going to get Michelin DEFENDER LTX M/S. The advice was that this is a “slightly” more aggressive tread than the standard LTX and would be great for the type of gravel roads we will encounter in Alaska. They are also highly rated on wet roads and I have heard that it “might” rain in the great north:) I will get these in early May so we have a bit to make sure all is well and will have 100% warrantee for a part of the trip. I have found a company that also has three stores in AK, so that may be an advantage. Since the tires I now have on still have 20k tread life, I will store them in the garage and put them back on when we return and get lots more use from them. Anyway that is the plan.