South Carolina - Charleston - Early Bird Diner / by Dave Hileman

I heard about this unlikely looking place from “Diners Drive-ins and Dives.” It is well known for Fried Chicken and Waffles - not two dishes but on one plate. What else is neat is that this former fast food place, that still has lots of leftovers like the floor and the seats and the tight parking lot, does a lot of things really well. We have eaten here four times and every time the food was presented nicely and prepared with excellence. This last trip including our friends Janet and Rusty and all four of us, again, had a good meal, very reasonably priced. They have a lot of homemade desserts and they make there own ice cream. I have had root beer ice cream here and it was good but the very limited menu -five flavors - were all a bit too off the grid for me this time. So leaving Charleston on Rt 17 south you will drive right past the Early Bird and we highly recommend a stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner.