Tennessee - Sevierville - Five Oaks Farm Kitchen (2 Photos) / by Dave Hileman

I am a fan of Cracker Barrel, especially when we are traveling and need a decent meal and a fair price. Nothing is great, well maybe the blueberry pancakes qualify, but it is good food usually done well. Imagine the CB with a 700HP big block Ford, supercharged. Welcome to Five Oaks Farm Kitchen. Cindy and I were at Johnson University homecoming and our dinner plans feel through for various reasons and we were not eating in the cafeteria again. So we headed off campus toward Sevierville with nothing in mind. We passed a couple of “maybes” and were just on the road to Pigeon Forge when I spotted this place. Super find. They start by bringing you a cup of potato soup, doesn’t matter what you order. It is a light broth and full of potatoes. And they bring you biscuits. Sound familiar? Forget it, these are huge, really good and served with honey from their own bees. I did not need to order because, biscuits, but I did. Fried Chicken that was, well here is their description: “fresh chicken soaked in whole buttermilk and Tennessee hot sauce then dredged in seasoned flour and Ritz cracker crumbs. Fried in peanut oil. Served with coleslaw and corn on the cob.” Excellent and they gave me two breasts instead of the leg/thigh. Accommodating. Cindy ordered several sides and ate one of the chicken breasts. We wanted Cherry Cobbler but they were out. Guess we are forced to go back. It was not CB prices - but it was definitely not CB food. We both completely enjoyed both the food and the experience. Oh, and the history of the location makes it even better. They have generous portions, a diverse menu, smoked meats, and are open for supper, lunch and breakfast. I just can’t wait to try breakfast. Go!