New York - NYC - Ferrara (2 photos) / by Dave Hileman

Hitting two notes on my favorite lists in one stop, history and pastry is Ferrara in the Little Italy area of NYC. We have been here twice and ate way too much both times. But after all it was breakfast. (That may be worse.) The history component is that gangsters that met in the basement as told or embellished by a walking tour of the area. This paragraph I found on the internet; “Seedy history: Site of a 1971 burglary in which a crew led by Gallo allegedly stole $50,000 from a locked safe on the second floor. According to Nash, some believe the heist precipitated Gallo’s own murder a few months later.”

The other aspect of the history is that this place started in 1892! The first espresso cafe in US. Amazing shop with constantly fresh pastry and lots more. But, truth is I have only eaten the pastry.