New York - NYC - Ample Hills Creamery / by Dave Hileman

I read about Ample Hills in almost every article about great ice cream in NYC but it was in the Bronx and I have never been to the Bronx. We never cover everything we want to see and do in Manhattan so the Bronx and the Ample Hills Creamery was unvisited and untried. Until our last trip to NYC. We went to the Chelsea Market for lunch and after, as is my habit, I looked on the iPhone Maps for “ice cream nearby” and Ample Hills was one block away. No New Yorker late for a subway ever covered a block quicker. They had opened here recently and I was delighted. The ice cream more than lived up to the promise. In fact, this is now included in my “Top Five” in the country as I mentioned a few posts ago under the Island Creamery. It is a small space attached to a bar with only a couple of tables and a separate entrance dedicated to the ice cream. They get extra stars because you can get two flavors in ANY size cone or cup, big plus, they bake and make all their add-ins in house (plus plus) and they developed special flavors for Disney’s Mickey’s 90 Birthday. You can get them in the store or at the recently opened kiosk at Disney’s Boardwalk. Finally a reason to go to Disney that I like! Cindy and I had four flavors in two small cones including an oatmeal, butterscotch, chocolate and a speciality flavor a root beer, that is available only in this store (actually each of their now 12 shops have one unique flavor). Seriously great ice cream.

Whew. I really need to get to the Boardwalk- if I skip the ticket to Disney that translates into 20 cones.