South Carolina - Columbia - Grill Marks / by Dave Hileman

Downtown in Columbia is a stretch of road about a mile long leading up a slight hill from the river that used to be warehouses, factories and railroads, now it is upscale hotels, restaurants and bars. We were here on a Saturday night, early, but I think USC was not yet back from Christmas break because it was not too busy. Still lots of people around. We walked up and back looking at the options and other shops along the way. It was a nice evening, especially as it was January. We finally chose Grill Marks. It features burgers, milk shakes and a large bar. It was busy with two large parties going on but we squeezed in. The hamburger was outstanding made with several different cuts of meat; extremely good, nice brioche bun, lots of good toppings and very fairly priced. CJH had three sliders and a salad. Hers included one with pimento cheese and one with jalapeños. Again really well prepared. I caved and opted for a regular milkshake after the burger arrived as I was enticed by all the fancy ones being delivered right past me. Worth every calorie. I did not try the “adult” ones with various alcohols but they were quite fancy. So, great spot and they have one in Greenville, SC, too. Try it for a burger that is a ten!