Tennessee - Memphis - Blues City Cafe / by Dave Hileman

If you are looking for a place to eat on Beale Street in Memphis there are a lot of choices and some of them may be better than Blues City Cafe. I would not know as this is the only place I ate. But I was more than pleased with the choice. Above average food in an above average venue with lots of character and history. BCC is unique, reasonably priced and, lets just call the decor, mid-century eclectic. The place was bustling on the afternoon we were there but the service was fast and you are entertained by the signs, the line cooks and people watching. If we were back on Beale I would return here in spite of the many choices, this one was fun. And they have a music venue next door. http://www.bluescitycafe.com

The list of people who have eaten here is impressive. Here is a partial list: 
Shelby Foote
Garrison Kellier
Sydney Pollack                                                                                                                               

Carol Channing
Dave Chapelle
Alice Cooper
Little Milton
Tom Cruise
Wilford Brimley
Robert Duvall
Robert DeNiro
Woody Harrelson
George Hamilton
Elizabeth Hurley
James Gandolfini
James Earl Jones
Ed Harris
Nicole Richie
Steven Seagall
Jerry Seinfeld
Bill Murray
Samuel L. Jackson
Jerry West