Massachusetts - Westford - Kimball Farm Ice Cream / by Dave Hileman

They began selling ice cream from their farm in 1939. Now they have four locations and lots of other things to do on site but you come here for ice cream, large servings, reasonable prices, lots of flavors, and huge servings. Yes, I know I mentioned that twice, they are worth several mentions. The ice cream is very good, not an A+ but a solid A. You don't get on this prestigious list with anything under an A-. I have only been to two locations but more than once at both, so worth a stop and worth a re-visit. I had Gingersnap Molasses last time and Mint Oreo the day before that. If you are traveling in or around Boston the Westford store is only a few minutes off the interstate. Stop! Even in the winter when they are closed, you can at least read the flavor list.