Set Up Organization (3 photos) / by Dave Hileman

I found quickly that I needed organization for the things I needed to set up the trailer. The box I had dd not really work and all the stuff needed did not fit and everything needed to be in one place. So I found this closet organizer at the Container Store - a very dangerous place for me. In fact in nearly four years in Raleigh I think I have earned my own parking space out front with a sign and everything. Anyway, this was on sale in January two years ago and I bought it. It has three drawers - you need the metal ones for the top two. I secured it in place with two velcro ties and they keep it from sliding around. I keep blocks on the top row, electric connection, water hose, filter, cleaning rag and electric surge protector in the second and the third gets little things, hose wrench, gloves, oil, small parts, tapes, repair parts, rags and more. The lid is important for this one to keep stuff clean because dirt filters down from the top. In four long trips it has been perfect. It all fits behind the tailgate and under the cover. Everything is easy to get to and put back. This cost about $75 on sale and has been well worth the investment.