About Two Lane Touring


Two Lane Touring follows the quest of Dave and Cindy to visit and photograph each of the more than 400 sites administered by the National Park Service. The two main sections are  No Itinerary -photographs from places planned and unexpected along the journey and the National Park Service sites that number 416. Each individual section will open up to more photos and text. 

You can also go to the National Park Galleries on the top right of the home page. There all the sites are listed by state or territory. Those we have visited are in bold, those with photos already posted are underlined. Click on a site, say George Rogers Clark site in Vincennes, Indiana, and it will take you to a gallery of photos from that site. 

Something new will pop up at Two Lane Touring every day. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook, both under two lane touring. Instagram is more casual with lots of food, campgrounds and anything else that gets a quick iPhone shot and FB is only a select few National Park Photos.



There are as of June 4, 2017, 417 active sites administrated by the National Park Service. 

We have visited 191

Photographed 123

Photographs Planned for 2017: 40 parks with 35 new; to date in 2017 completed thirty-seven new sites across 12 states and 7 visited again and photographed for the first time. 

92 Galleries now posted on the National Park Galleries